Rita, her son and Lisette

I’ll keep the memory of the evening after dinner, spent on top of the boat (house-boat) talking with Rita and her friend Lisette.

Groningen delighted us with a good night to just spend it outside drinking a coffee and talking about life. Before that I had dinner with her family 😀
Having dinner in a house-boat with a dutch family, is there a better way to say goodbye to the Netherlands? Guess not!

After that, Lisette inspired me with her story of travelling in Asia for 8 months when she was my age. How it changed her, and it really made me think of how peacefully she talks about everything. A beautiful conversation I want to continue one of these days.

Rita and her son Thomas were the perfect hosts, helped out in everything I needed. Rita even gave me a mini-revision on the saxophone. How I’ve missed playing that jazzy thing! (First time on a Selmer btw! huhu)

I had the perfect launch for my trip in Groningen, and a really memorable time there. I thank Rita with all my heart for that, thank you so much for the invitation.

Hope to see you again in the future (save some money for Portugal and come visit me!)


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