Oslo’s permission to get lost

Arrived, camped! In some mountain with a beautiful to the entire city. Next day, with such a great camping spot, and legally camping (<3 Scandinavia just for that) i took my time to sleep until 3pm.

Discovering that Oslo is not the most tourist oriented city, with maps only in Norwegian (there is no harm in changing the name to Royal Palace from something very weirdly looking in Norwegian right?), with my feet still hurting (less), and a semi-rainy days in my hands, I gave myself permission to get lost, walking at a slow pace between lanmarks (which are not that many)

The usual check up of markets and churchs (which have become such a good resting spot, body and spirit). And a couple of hours sitting on the stairs of the royal palace, such a great view.
For far i could see the sky ramp Holmenkollbakken, from far it called me, so did North Norway. I promise i’ll be back to ride the snow, and enjoy the real nature of Norway. It’s a date!

Vigeland sculpture park was the high point of Oslo. A beautiful park filled with statues.  And to make it better watched the sun go down there. Getting to the campsite at tottaly dark wasn’t fun, but its part of the wild right?

Next day slept again until late. Found a very helpful backpackers helping center, and found that except for the Opera (and museums. Yes, as much as I want to see a viking ship in front of me, doing this low cost requires some sacrifice. And also, from what I see the viking heritage is more of a touristic appeal than a real link between people and their history) I had seen Oslo.
Because of that I enjoyed the wi-fi and the cool place to rest a bit.

I find curious how cemeteries here are so close to the cities, and appear to be so peaceful.

As common, i finished my night at an “open till late” McDonalds. Discovered there that I had a fucked up eye, and had the chance to talk to a Norwegian professor about a number of things, including my beloved and missed bacalhau. Discovered trough him that the place i’ve camped in is very near where Munster painted “Scream”.

With a train at 9am, I passed by the Opera after the big rain. Final landmark in Oslo.


2 responses to “Oslo’s permission to get lost

  1. You’ve gotten some amazing shots, Telmo. I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels- can’t wait til you make it here!

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