An early jump to Sweden (Helsingor – Helsingborg)

The reason for taking a 5am train to Oslo?

When there are direct trains to Stockholm, it’s a legitimate question. Why taking a train to Helsingor, and then Oslo?
Because no one can miss Helsingor, more the Kronborg Castle, when going to Oslo, and plus the ferry is free with the inter-rail pass 🙂

Just to ruin the photos for you, imagine faces in the wall of the church. Your welcome! x)
You can also see the silver surfer version of the Little Mermaid like the one in Copenhagen in one of the photos.

I was expecting a small ferry for a 20min ride, but guess what? MEGA FERRY with luxury space inside!

Denmark cried for my departure, as a storm formed as I left the Castle, sorry but I really have to go Denmark! Have a train to Oslo waiting for me 🙂 The world as always awaits for me. And mountains two, GOD how I miss looking at mountains!

What was left in my heart for Denmark?

First of all, girls here are beautiful! Life, expensive! Way of living, calm.  I like it!
However it lacks a bit character, or perhaps that’s just its simplicity to hard for me to understand.
Nevertheless it is a big city with unique monuments and the streets that entwine so gracefully with them, as contrary of cities like Paris where I didn’t had that feeling.

However I don’t think I have here the same sensation of home as I did in Amsterdam or Groningen. In a way, the most practical way to describe Copenhagen is trough an analogy of a really beautiful girl, perfect in every way but that doesn’t appeal to the heart. A dull perfection.

Even bad neighbourhoods surrounding Christiania seemed in a way too organized, little graffiti filled the walls and lacked character. Not saying its not worth visiting, much contrary to that. Putting aside the prices, its one of the great capitals. With the right money can be a nice vacation spot, but for me it feels like there is something missing (money perhaps, haha!).


2 responses to “An early jump to Sweden (Helsingor – Helsingborg)

  1. Kronborg Castle sounds pretty cool. And I liked your analogy, haha. How would you describe that girl that we saw in the Mcdonalds back in the days? She was beautiful almost to perfection, and it totally stopped your heart. Dunno what city applies to that. But actually it’s quite entertaining to personalize cities with women-types. I like that, keep it going.

    • haha i will keep that when applies. Latvia has really nice girls, gosh! That girl from McDonalds was a Danish with a Latvian touch, totally perfect.

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