Copenhagen’s dull perfection

(Soundtrack for Copenhagen)

Enjoyed the hostel until was check out time (wi-fi and city sightseeing planning with the map in hands). Left at 10h, after a cold shower to face an unexpected hot day in Copenhagen. Walked all day and didn’t left anything unseen.

Most amazing: Marble Church (Rested there 1 hour, amazed!)

Most fascinating: Freetown of Christiania. Where weed and hash is sold (at really high prices, don’t know about quality dough, sorry), free spirits get together just to smoke and spend an afternoon, much like YAMM in Berlin, except for the bigger size and the unhidden, but still illegal drug tents (photos were not allowed, but you can get the notion here 1, 2, 3)

At the end of the day I was craving for a city bike. Should’ve gotten it before, however nothing is harder to find. Without any krones left (only a 2 I’ll keep for myself), and my luck with bikes, I found one abandoned with the lock jammed, my feet with their first blister thanked me.

How good it was to ride the bike again! And how bad I felt having to leave my bike behind in Groningen. The landscapes arriving in Denmark and the ones expecting me in Norway would be the perfect scenery to cycle in. But I know the trouble that would be to change trains with the bicycle, and it wouldn’t pay off in time. With the anxious feeling of getting to Eastern Europe and Asia to fit in my budget I would start to hate the delays a bike would bring. Hard decision, but it was better this way.

Rode that bicycle so much, found the time to see the city by night, specially the docks, that my legs wouldn’t allowed me to see any other way. Wrote there a lot, and spend my night at McDonalds waiting for my train at 5am.


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