Ready, Set, Go! First trains and Legoland

Groningen was more of a checkpoint for me, than a city to visit. But still i manage to visit the city while doing things i needed to do. However didn’t took my camera with me and don’t have any photos.

Night of arrival, went with Rita to the Noorderzon festival, a big festival with the most amazing lights. (take a look at it here). That beer felt nice after such a long bike trip.

The next 3 days were of planning, selling the bike, re-packing. I most say living on a houseboat felt really homey and familiar to me, who knows when I grow old *.*

On the 19th, enjoyed my last coffee at starbucks, waiting for the 20h train. Germany went by in a blink between many train changes. Hamburg station was creepy! After sleeping in Neumünster station (with one eye open) accompanied by fellow backpackers and in trains I soon was in Denmark in a sleeper train without a reservation, and standing on the hall of the train. The Danish landscape is amazing, the green chess field is completed with small houses of brown and red shades.

The sunrise helped out a bit, and arrived at Legoland at 10h.

After such a long trip of worrying and responsibilities,  i felt like a kid again in Legoland. Star wars legos made my day and riding at full speed some of the attractions just warned me out! A once in a lifetime I had to do 🙂

Crossed the ocean by train to Copenhagen!

Arrived at Copenhagen at 21h, too tired, gave up 30€ for a hostel stay, didn’t want to search for a camping spot and needed a good shower and repacking.

Freaking expensive country btw! I’ll post more about the capital, for now that’s all.


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