Love, Bird

Sitting here in the docks (Nyhavn) i can’t help but thinking of how my life will be from now on. I know what I want to do, and after this year it’s hard work and get the best job I can. But thinking further from that I don’t know.

The people dining in the restaurants along the docks make me think of how much some spare ribs would fit my stomach right now, and how much comfort it provides not having to worry about things. But also a bed would fit good right now. I believe that I worry about food, get from A to B, where will I sleep, and those people worry about their job, family and others. Everyone shall always have a concern occupaying their mind, however, i prefer the second.

Don’t know how it will be, seriously don’t. I felt in love with a girl from the other side of the world, very different than me, however being together feels so good to both of us. But in the chaos of moving things, you as moving part yourself, should only fix your eyes on the horizon and think of the objects you want to attract. The other part is just chaos, working its magic mixed with your focus and effort, influenced in part by your desires. I’m very aware of that, how things move so much outside our control.

But aside from that, I think – she would look beautiful having dinner there with me, under a red and warm light, smiling of satisfaction at me after desert, as I would look at her carefully memorizing every detail. I’ve never seen such an innocent, unique and natural beauty (more would she look there with me!).

Curious about the future.

I know my target, and my persistence despite my aim skills, despite of the target’s shifts, changes or temporary vanishing. I will one day be at that table, not caring so much as I do now about the money I spend, and having a soft bed waiting for me. But because of this I’ll appreciate it more, want it more. And like learning to fix a chain to continue the first stage of this dream, working during university and saving it for something like this, I’ll do it.

For now I’m happy I’m writting so much again, I thought I had lost it. And happy for thinking of my birdhouse, and these moments of comfort that thinking of her brings.

As always, I miss you 지은.

Love, Bird.


7 responses to “Love, Bird

  1. I’m here, and my woman is on the other side of the world. You are not so far from here, and the woman you think of is from the other side of the world. Different women similar feelings. However, your feelings are stronger than mine, more special than mine, being part of something you wanted to do, and despite anything, you are doing. This is what makes it SPECIAL. So keep writing so much, and even more! Because here there are people reading and sharing, because you leave traces behind you, and people notice them and follow you. As always, take care bro!

    • I will my incredible Simone, i miss you man. Sure going to visit you wherever you are! I’ll send a postal soon, probably in Estonia when I have more time 🙂
      Miss you bro, hug.

  2. I’m so flattered. You also means a lot to me 🙂 and i miss you so much. I miss the days that i can just run into you anytime. Those memories are glittering in my mind, and always will be.
    I’m proud of you traveling the world by yourself. I hope you to keep being yourself, know what you doing, and be free. I love this 21st century that i can keep in touch with you. I’d love to hear everything from you. It can be your travel story, what you’re feeling now, just something pop up in your head, or some stupid jokes 😉 Anyway, we live so different life, and we don’t know what will gonna happen. But at least we can share things. and we’ll gonna have long long time for catch up talk. haha
    Keep going my bird. I’ll be here, ready to welcome you anytime.

    • I miss so much Uilenstede because of that, just run to the other building and you see people. Now is way harder, and thank you Internet for making things easier 😀
      Don’t worry about the future for now, like i told, enjoying what we are feeling now 🙂

      We will have that time for sure *.* and i hope a big big hug in Korea despite of all the No contact korean crowd looking x)

      My birdhouse ❤

  3. Dear Telmo,
    I just read your text and I really like it as it describes the beginning of a typical pattern, which many travelers (including me) felt:

    First, you worry a lot about your place to stay, your food to eat, the transportation which takes you from A to B, the money you need and how to spend or save it and all these other little things.

    But after a while, you get more relaxed about it, as you realized that there is always a way and a solution and its unnecessary to worry about those topics. (and this “being more relaxed and self-confident about any problem” is something, which luckily stays forever, also in your “normal” life!).

    So, in the next stage you start thinking about yourself, your life, your dreams, your wishes, your talents, your weaknesses,…. Your text tells me that you just started with that. And that’s the good thing about traveling: You have time for it, which normal people in their normal life never have. And now the best thing about it: I know from many travelers (including me) that all their problems and uncertainties became solved after some months…just by giving yourself time to deal with them, think about them, getting new inspiration from outside (like people or cultures you meet along the way)…and when you come back, you are very confident about your life and have a good idea about the future.

    So I wish you good luck on the way and I am pretty sure that you will have similar experiences. After such a journey (especially to poor countries), one knows better than ever that having a happy life is no question of a lot of money or a luxury life but of the people close around you, love, breathtaking moments, balance and wealth of experiences. With this in mind, I wish you a safe and happy trip with enough time for yourself and many memorable experiences.

    “In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away.” (Shing Xiong).

    All the best,

    • Hey Maxi,

      I’ve read your words a few times and i’ll keep them around. Its good to read that from someone who already traveled much.

      I hope that “not worrying” so much will be something i can apply to the rest of my life after this trip. The quiet moments now give me those thinking moments, and for now it has been hard but good, so many things come to my mind. I hope all you say happens to me to. That trust in the future, and knowing what you want after doing “nothing”.

      These little moments of nothing, of just “walking around” that already in a month gave me so much, i hope they continue to provide more. However I still need to experience that poverty to feel your words in a daily life.

      I also wish you a good trip to Portugal 😀
      Wish i was there, but another homestede reunion will come and then we can exchange stories, and talk so much more than now.

      A big hug Maxi! and thank you for your words.

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