The other side of The Netherlands

Stage 1: Accomplished!
So, back where I left you guys off.
Day 2: Lelystade (Resting day)
Day 3: To Steenwijk
Day 4: To Diever
Day 5: To Groningen

Total: Around 250 km

Day 2: I decided to rest the day of my last post and camp at the beach, had the time to lose some weight and repack stuff to be more comfortable. Some teenagers drinking a few meters away came asking me to help them with the fire and I had company for some hours. After two days alone, it felt nice (even if most of the times they were speaking in Dutch) to have company for some hours.

Day 3: Woke up with a beautiful sunrise, a rainbow filling the view, and a fox running in the sand. Packed everything and got the hell away from Flevoland in direction of Steenwijk.
Gigantic farms, lots of cows, and small villages entertained me along the way. But the enormous number of mini canals challenge my gps and google maps in a way, that it forced me to camp in a camping park.
Gladly the lady was very welcoming and spoke English (yes, forget about the Holland spoiled expectation of everyone speaking English, not here!) and had her two sons living in Portugal, so she made a discount for the night. Warm shower and washed clothes, awww *.*

Day 4: Planned to cycle a lot, but allowed myself to sleep a few hours more (because always waking up at 6am not to get caught is not so nice).
However, cycled along with a damselfly and saw a small frog in the bike lane 🙂
Made it almost to Diever, but a free wi-fi spot delayed me a bit, and the clouds granted me only a few hours more to find shelter.
Good news however, I had a Couchsurfing invitation to Groningen. In a houseboat and by a saxophone teacher (“is this real life?”).
At the same time a french student stopped the car by my side and asked me if I needed help, and informed me about a great day camping facility a few minutes away.

Best campsite!

Made my first fire with the flint, enjoyed the extra time to cook something and thunders and rain soon filled my night of sleep.

Day 5: 40km seemed like nothing and Groningen got closer easier and easier. Made it there at 8pm and Rita (owner of the houseboat) received me with open arms. Went to the first day of a 10 day festival with her for a beer and some chatting.

Enjoyed my time here in Groningen to sell the bike, which despite the great idea of cycling in the landscapes of Sweden, it would be a trouble all the away and it wouldn’t pay off. Had the opportunity, sold it. Buses are again included in the trip 😀 yeeeiii!

Bought the inter rail pass, sent some things back home (to be even lighter). And today I’ll leave at 20h to Denmark.

Next stop? Legoland!

(click on the photos to see them on the website with the descriptions)


5 responses to “The other side of The Netherlands

  1. 😀 Sounds super great. And everything went better than expected, really. I can only wish that from now on it gets better and better. You’ll have some alone times, which you’ll take to think, about life, and all what comes with it, and you’ll also meet so many people and new places that will open your mental horizons to unbelievable paths.

    Even I am excited when I come to your blog bro. I wish I could be there. Big hug, enjoy

    • Really wish i could share this with you in person. But i promise, in the future, guaranteed trip together.
      I also share that hope of this getting better and better 😀 I’ll keep you posted.
      And of course i didn’t forgot the gift, loved it bro! Really!

      Big fucking hug

    • Seria outra palavra sair-lhes da boca 😀
      Espero que tudo corra bem para lhe mais vezes as oiças.
      E mais postais virão também. Um beijinho enorme para vocês por aí **

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