Next 17 days

Today I leave Groningen to Scandinavia. Starting smoothly with Legoland in Denmark 😀

The plan would be:

  • 3 days in Denmark
  • 1 travelling to Oslo
  • 2 in Oslo
  • 1 travelling to Stockholm
  • 2 in Stockholm
  • 1 travelling to Helsinki
  • 2 in Helsinki
  • 5 in Tallin

6 responses to “Next 17 days

  1. Nice to read your reports! Enjoy your trip, because life is at its best during travelling. Hafe a safe journey and all the best from Indonesia!

    • Wish we didn’t such different schedules, but on the other hand you can advice me all about Asia after your done. I’m probably going to start there when your finished. What are your plans?

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