Test-Drive (first day on the road)

The first big day! – Around 80km of hard road and first hard times.

The weight of the backpack made feel nervous for the first time about this trip. The kind of nervous feeling before a vacations, when you wake up in the morning and pack all the stuff left around, get delayed a bit and have friends saying goodbye to you.

However this is a trip of one year, I said goodbye to everyone for minimum 2 months (Simone, Alex and Dori), other I will only see in a year (Tiff). But to my brother Rui, my little sister Dori, my good neighbour Simone and my Italian friend Paolo I thank you so much for being there in the moment of my departure.

Followed Amstel River for some km’s, my sleeping bag felt in the first one! (fixed that problem) in the direction of Muider. Muder Castle is beautiful (See photo section)! In the contrary hated “Flevoland” – the new land.
Built after the IIWW, it looks some Sim City like and so desert it hurts to the eye just by looking at, worst 30km, basically in a straight line where I couldn’t see the end of it  (See photo section).
Only good thing about it, Sunset and the fact that I could hear Jazz far away from time to time 😀
Got in Lelystade it was already night, camped and woke up for a new day.

Other funny things that happened:

  • Chain broke 30km after departure – manage to fix it 😀
  • Repacked and left some weight behind with view to a castle (See photo section)
  • A bug got straight into my eye
  • Met a experienced cyclist on the road (See people section)

Birdhouse, thanks for the invisible and distant strength 🙂

Next post in a few days!


7 responses to “Test-Drive (first day on the road)

  1. I was wondering where you were, and great you managed to get to your first target! But I am so sorry for that bug. You must have hurt it. And still how many will you kill by the time you will be in turkey? bah.. Take care bro. Be the bird you like to be..always!

  2. Boa sorte, dude!
    We’re taking care of your Homestede, even if we moved definitively today. I’m busy with the move, the thesis and – I hope ASAP – with the job, but I promise that I’ll edit your departure video in some days.
    We’re following you day by day, take care and – obviously – have fun!

    • Obrigado Paolo 😀
      Don’t worry to much about, i know how it is with all. Share some pictures of your place already furnished and nice. Tell Simone to do it too, i told him but i think he forgot x)
      I will, keep thing together there in Uilenstede

  3. The fuck, the chain broke after 30kms? How the hell did you fix that? Anyway, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s running now.. It was too much weight indeed though, glad you got rid of some. Just eat it all!

    Good luck bro!

  4. yewww im so excited for you telmo !! have a blast, be safe, and most of all take each moment as a blessing and know that this is a once and a life time opportunity !! I will talk to you soon love youu !!!

    • Tiffy! I’m taking it that way and i believe it to be the wisest way to do it 🙂
      Until i get to the states of course, from California to New york is party all the way x)
      Love you girl

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