Re-planing :)

In Lelystade (The Netherlands)

The first was clear to understand that normally you do more kilometres than those expected. I made it to the planned campsite, however today I’m not able to cycle the same distance again.

The body will soon get used to the extra weight and cycling long distances, for now it’s still an effort. For that reason I plan to cycle only 30km today, get a good time rest and divide this part of the trip in a few more days. Soon the train travels will come and I’ll have time to be 60kg again and stop the wheels from running.

For now, I’ll take my time. New plans until Groningen are:

Expected arrival in 16/8
1 more campsite then expected initially


2 responses to “Re-planing :)

  1. That’s the fun thing about your trip man, you don’t actually need to be so worried about the time. Enjoy it. Did you open my envelope or you forgot? :p

    • It was really good not be 🙂 now i will but on the other hand won’t have so much stuff to carry. Of course i did, loved it bro.

      Thank you so much for everything and being there till my last minute with only a few hours for your flight.

      Big hug

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